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Cybersecurity matters now more than ever.


  • 54 percent of companies say their IT departments are not sophisticated enough to handle advanced cyberattacks.
  • The average cost of a data breach was $4.24 million in 2021, the highest average on record.
  • More than 77 percent of organizations do not have an incident response plan.
Don’t expose your company to risk anymore, outsource your cyber security to experts and get best practices & cost-effective solutions. Focus on growing your business, while we protect it from ever evolving cyber threats.

Data Security

  • Safely manage data across organization
  • Protection against data leakage & theft 
  • Data masking, classification & migration

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Secure Internet Access

  • Block access to malicious sites
  • Limit access to unwanted sites, applications and social networks
  • Check files for malicious code, viruses, trojans
  • Manages employees' access to websites, applications and messengers

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Firewall Managment

  • Centralized firewall management 
  • Identify vulnerabilities within your firewalls
  • Mitigate the risks
  • Improve security and reduce compliance risk

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Vulnerability management

  • Identify possible attack vectors on critical business assets 
  • Optimize your system’s security
  • Unique network configuration
  • Regular monitoring of IT system security level
  • Detection and recommendations to address vulnerabilities

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Web Application Firewall

  • Block targeted attacks
  • Reducing the risk of corporate information leakage
  • Support for business continuity
  • Compliance with current  information security standards

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  • Better preparedness for external cyber threats
  • Qualified information security risk management
  • No hidden costs
  • Improvement of the core business of any company
  • Security of information systems
  • Protection of personal data

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Consulting and audit

  • Audit of IT infrastructure
  • Support at all stages of migration or integration
  • Solving non-standard problems, such as creating a hybrid IT infrastructure
  • Compliance auditing your infrastructure with international standards. 
  • Providing results, and answers to questions

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